US Motorcycle Loan Market

In recent years we have seen an increase in new motorcycle purchases which has left the market flooded with used motorcycles. This glut of late model motorcycles has in turn led to an increase in the issuance of used motorcycle loans. Innovations in the online lending process have made it possible for motorcyclists to quickly and easily take out small loans to fund their renegade lifestyle and purchase their dream bike.

In the US, the motorcycle lending market is becoming more competitive every year, which is resulting in more appealing interest rates for borrowers. Additionally, tech savvy borrowers are empowered by online tools such as motorcycle loan calculators which enable them to budget accordingly when taking out a motorcycle loan. With this knowledge in hand, the borrower can accurately assess whether the motorcycle loan rate quoted by his lender will be affordable. As more and more borrowers search online for motorcycle loans each year, interest rates continue to become more competitive and standardized, similar to interest rates in the more established car and truck market.

Motorcycle loans are available with fixed interest rates and consistent, fully amortizing payments. Due to the nature of the online lending marketplace, potential borrowers can quickly and effortlessly find out which rates and terms are available to them and know what their monthly payment will be before accepting a loan offer. With many online lenders, you may apply for a motorcycle loan and check your rate without affecting your credit score. Usually the information provided by a soft credit pull is all that is necessary for a lender to determine the interest rates and terms for which the borrower will qualify. Due to the current ease of access and efficiency of the online lending marketplace, we will no doubt continue to see an upward trend in the US motorcycle loan market.

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