US Military Loan Market

The US military is currently made up of around 2.7 million members, 1.4 million of which are on active duty. In addition to the brave men and women currently supporting the United States, there are 19.3 million veterans who have previously served in the US armed forces. Whether through an active duty military loan or a military loan for veterans, our military members are entitled to fair access to credit. The US military loan market caters to this population and provides much needed financial support where it's needed most.

Often times, the military lifestyle can create personal financial hardships which are taken into account by lenders during the risk assessment process. Many military members are able to apply for a no credit check military loan in lieu of undergoing strict credit checks when taking out a loan. Military personnel have a strong track record of credit worthiness, regardless of each individual borrower's current credit score or personal situation. A military loan can be used for any purpose and can help a soldier back on his feet when times are tough. It is important for the military lending community to support the troops that support our country.

Another initiative of the US military lending market is to encourage armed forces members to live a debt free lifestyle. By living frugally and paying off previously acquired high interest debt as quickly as possible, this dream will become a reality. With military debt consolidation, multiple high interest loans and credit cards can be combined into one low interest loan. By reducing the amount of interest paid and by paying off debt at a more aggressive rate, military members have a great opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

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